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Where can I find the plans for .....................?


Old and Bold RC PILOT
The plan source links and site identifications so far!

AkimboGlueGuns www.parkjets.com
CrashRecovery: http://www.aerofred.com http://www.aerofred.com
Hai-Lee: www.outerzone.co.uk https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/thu...gallery&type=img&group=none&starter=no&page=6
hotwax Hip Pocket Aeronautics
lukejackson https://flyingpenguinrc.com/collections/free-plans https://www.nerdnic.com/ http://www.parmodels.com/downloadable-plans.html https://aerofred.com/
Montiey and johnnyreb https://web.archive.org/web/20170714094434/http://www.stonekap.net:80/ftplans/index.cgi
Photo001 https://www.rcfbaircraft.com/
skymaster https://www.mesarc.club/aerialplans
ViperTech: https://rcflug.ch/plans/models.php Alt link https://rcflug.ch/plan_links.php
WillieRipple http://airc-pirates.com/en_US/category/construction/build-plans/


Whilst we have many plans indexes for FB planes the lists do not cover every type or model of aircraft that we might wish to model. Often I see people building FB models and striking issues that others have confronted and overcome in the past.

I do many plans searches on the net for those hard to find, (some impossible), plans for a pet project plane and so I thought if I do it then others might do so also. SO I started this thread for people to list plans sources and make requests of others as to where plans for existing designs of RC aircraft might be located and to that end I will start off with my favourite site for models of yesteryear.


Come one post your plans sites and any requests that you may have!

Have fun!
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Old and Bold RC PILOT
Thanks to:

Montiey and johnnyreb


I will continue to edit the first post to push the plans listings to the thread top.

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Have fun!
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