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Where to by Square Aluminum tubing for Anycopter booms?

I've been looking for some nice booms for my anycopter. I've not been able to find a good place to buy any. I haven't even been able to find Square dowel in my local hardware stores (Columbus, Ohio). I'm not sure what to do now. I thought it would be easier to find the stuff, but so far, I've only found bulk stuff like this: http://www.metalsdepot.com/ These are ok if you order in bulk, but I don't feel like paying $22.19 for 4, 2ft. sections or $25.19 for 1, 8ft. piece...

Home Depot only had 3 sided aluminum
Ace hardware didn't have much of anything in the 1/2" size
and another local hardware store had some generic tiny sizes and giant sizes of all kinds of stuff, but no 1/2" wood or metal

Any ideas? Anyone know where David got his red and black aluminum booms for his tricopter?

I've also thought about carbon fiber. I want to keep it cheap and would be fine with wood square dowel if my local stores had it :(
Thanks again!

Oh man you guys are awesome! Thanks for all the replies :D I really expected to wait a week or more for some replies... Good thing Flite Test fans are amazing :)

The Home Depot links say Online order only, but the Towel rack is a great idea.

Thanks to Flat4 for the Hobbyking link! That might be a winner. I looked on Hobby king, but I wasn't looking in the right places :( I also found some on ebay from the "Chinese guy" if you will ;) ebay Chinese guy link

I find it crazy that I can find pre-cut, colored, fancy aluminum square tubing cheaper than full or cut metal stock from online stores like tyoho's link. I found several of these types of places and it just cost way too much to ship :(

Anyway, Thanks again everyone!