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Where to share FT 3D prints?

I'm new to the 3D printer world. What printers should I be looking at. I don't know if I'm capable of designing my own parts but I would like to be able to download files others have made and print them at home.

Or would I be better off just finding someone to do it for me and paying for the service? Is this allowed and do people do this?
The Creality Ender series are good machines. I myself have the Ender 3X and love it.
Bump, I too have an Ender3, mine has been "Frankenstein"-ed (direct drive, upgraded controller, auto bed-leveler), it's very capable and an inexpensive entry point. Even with the stuff I've added, doesn't cost anywhere near a Prusa, gives similar results ( a Buddy has a Prusa Mk.2+, my prints are indistinguishable from his in PLA). Amazon has the Ender3, plus every conceivable upgrade, most of it is all on Prime as well.