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Which FT starter?

I flew control line as a kid, picked it up again for a little while about 10 years ago. Had a huge crash and couldn't find the time to build a new plane.

Found FT recently, the planning and process behind their builds intrigued me. I tried a scratch build mini sparrow (first attempt never got past cutting foamboard- total disaster). So I bought a couple of Mini Sparrow kits and am building them as chuck gliders with my boys.

RC is definitely in the future, but I am not sure whether I want to go for the Tiny Trainer, or the Simple Cub (3 ch setup) first.

Since we don't have any equipment yet, I"ll probably begin with a starter kit. Eventually I'll need two radio setups, but I don't want to go too extravagant until I know for sure the boys are going to take to it.

Thoughts and suggestions?


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I would suggest the Tiny Trainer as it is the most flexible of all offerings and should you wish to expand your flight experience and do a little scratch building then the number of possible add-ons is greater than any other FT offering and the number is constantly growing!

With the TT you can go from a chuck glider through 3 channel to four channel operation and it can be up-engined for some serious increases in performance later on! You do not get a single plane with the TT but rather an introduction to a family of planes with a wide range of performance options!

Just what I recommend!

Have fun!