I recently purchase the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor Starter Bundle, and it appears that I either recieved a faulty part or have done something incorrect


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Hello all,
I'm brand new to all of this. I recently purchased the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor Starter Bundle and I'm following the video instructions on how to set it up but I'm at the step where I'm supposed to connect the receiver but it doesn't appear to be working. The LED light doesn't ever turn on. I've captured what's happening in this 42 second video:
Is the part that was sent to me faulty? The video instructional doesn't cover this step in much detail, unfortunately.


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2 options that I would check first
1) that it not plugged in backwards
2) I would connect it on channel 3 even though it shouldn’t matter


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Yes to both of the above. The wire is plugged in upside down and that’s why the receiver isn’t getting power. The signal wire (yellow) is plugged into the ground pin so it won’t get power. Secondly, you’ll want to plug it into channel 3, which is throttle. You will still get power to your receiver this way, but your motor will be receiving your aileron signal.

1: Aileron, or rudder if it’s 3 channel
2: Elevator
3: ESC
4: Rudder, if it’s 4 channel

Good luck!


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All, thanks so much for your advice. Your comments in addition to help from Test Flight support (Eddie) got my electronics up and running. Cheers!