Who on this forum are full scale pilots


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I have a PPL but stopped flying about 5 years ago. Bought a house and sinking money into it. Maybe I'll get back at it soon.

In the mean time I have been working on a basement simulator (Cessna 172-ish). Not a lot of spare time (except in the winter) to work on it. I can either do a simulated panel or fly in VR with a Quest 2.


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ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Commercial Single and multi-engine seaplane, commercial glider, aircraft dispatcher, 4 jet type ratings.


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PPL, night rating, had enough hours to write my commercial and was working on my instrument rating. Currently out of medical and probably couldn't regain my Class1 medical now even if I wanted to, unfortunately, thanks to a heart condition.
If you had a previous medical, I think it’s within 7 yrs, You can still get a basic med , Most heart conditions are allowed under basic med with out a special issuance.
If you did a medical and failed, You can still probley get a basic med but you have to get the special issuances cleared up
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I have all my teaching certs, and Im currently a Chief Pilot for a 141 flight school. I flew the CRJ series aircraft for SkyWest for 6 years, flew 747-400s at Kalitta Air for 2 years and now I'm at Delta flying the 737.