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Why won't my gyro stabilise?


Junior Member
I have an HK500 that's ready to go,but the gyro won't work. I've tried a number of different gyros, but none of them lock.

Do I need a ubec to give the gyro/tail servo more umph?

This is driving me crazy. :$

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
What gyro are you using, what tail servo, where is your gain set, have you set the end points of the tail travel, what's the distance from center of the servo to the ball link, is your servo reversing correctly, do you have it set to rate mode, have you set it mechanically in rate mode before switching to heading hold..........there's a few steps to doing it correctly, if you could start out with your setup and a picture or two of the tail and of the servo postion that would help me get started.