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Will an HK T-Six xmitr work with an HK rx3s v3 receiver?


Junior Member
I have this combo and for the life of me I cannot get these two to function. I did the bind which appeared to complete properly (except the blinking LED went OUT vs going steady). I have my servos connected and when powered up I get the servo initialization and the beeping sequence but the ESC beeper does a steady beep every 3 seconds.

If anyone know how to make these two items work together PLEASE advise?

Thank you. :confused:


Junior Member
Yes, the two items are compatible so they should work together.

Sorry I can't help you much more than that, as I've never played with either of them. But it seems like the binding sequence is not working correctly, if the bind light is not staying steady. Try disconnecting everything except the ESC and bind plug, and see if you can get that bind light to stay on.

Hopefully other members will be able to assist you more.