Will the Blade Nano QX transmitter work with other DSMX receivers?


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I currently have the transmitter I got for my Blade Nano QX. If I were to buy some other system, provided that it's DSMX, would my existing transmitter work? Would I be able to bind it, etc? The reason I ask is that 1. I quite like the feel of it and 2. if I'm just starting out with a larger size, it would be nice not having to immediately blow 200€ on a transmitter.


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Will it bind?


Do you want to use it?

Probably not. It's a short range TX, and very limited in it's capability.

To put this into perspective, the two things in this hobby most likely to survive a crash without damage are the transmitter and battery charger. Investing more in these items for something that will last is money well spent. The sooner you move up to a nicer radio, the more life you'll get out of it.


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While I absolutely agree that, in the long run, a high quality TX is desirable, I need to know that a 250 or 450 class machine will satisfy my needs w.r.t where I fly and wind etc (if you'll remember our discussion from another thread). If I take my new rig out there, and it turns out that it behaves just as poorly as my old one, I've wasted X euros for something that will never happen. If I take it out there cheaply, and it turns out that it works, I can always go and buy a better TX.


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I think of it this way... if I spent $300USD (about 270 euros) on a model, I wouldn't want a cheap transmitter to be the weak link that takes it down. To me that would be a waste of money. Not much different than the people that spend $1,000 on a DSLR camera then complains when a $25 Amazon carry case didn't protect it when it accidently fell out of the car when you opened the door!

Better transmitters (even cheap ones you can get from hobby king) have better features and capabilities. The transmitter I just bought (not the DX6i) is actually more expensive than any model I've ever built. It is my first "forever" transmitter. So no matter what model...airplane, heli, multirotor, boat, unknown...I have a transmitter I can use on it.


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I flew an Icon BNF with the cheap parkzone tx. Range was right at 100 yards. That was what pushed me over the edge to buy a new DX6. Probably because the cheap tx only has one antenna and may not be full spectrum 2.4 - perfect for a small micro scale that stays close.

Power - 4AA batteries are the same, but there is a lot more going on than 6vdc generating a signal. My new dx6 will get a solid 3/4 mile away before cutting out.

I still have my Cheap TX and would like to bind it with a FT flyer, for a kid i know that can not afford to buy gear.