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Wind your own Carbon tube spars


Dedicated foam bender
I ALWAYS wish I had and extra $1200 laying around.
Well, yeah, but in this case it would have a definite purpose...

It would probably end up gathering dust next to the vinyl cutter and knife sharpening system I thought would make good side moneymakers...


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Know a guy who worked making tubes like that on an industrial scale. All the safety precautions and protective gear they used - still was a big health hazard...


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
If I had $1200 laying around it would only be because I could not decide which of 12 different items I wanted worse. :p

I didn't see anywhere on his kickstarter that compared the strength of the commercial tubes and the ones the x-winder makes. Sure it's a fraction of the cost, but what is the performance difference?


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That's a neat concept. I love CF, but don't use it enough to warrant dropping $1.3k on a winder. I'm curious though how they get it off the winding tube. Too bad they don't show a start to finish of how it's used.


I wonder how woven fiberglass cloth wrapped around a tube with epoxy resin would compare in performance to cf on the scale of RC aircraft.