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I was given this plane 10 years ago, anybody know anything about it or have any experience with it? It seems to be made out of bass wood or some other wood harder than balsa.
I did a little research on it and I guess it’s a 70’s era glider. Supposedly it’s a later model because the horizontal stabilizer is mounted on the vertical stabilizer. I tried flying it once when I first got it, hence, the orange monokote.
I think I’m going to do a lot more flying before I give it another attempt.


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I don't know about that particular airplane but I know a bit about flying gliders. They are usually stable, self-righting and easy to fly when they're up in the sky. All the damage to my gliders occurs on landing. Landing them is my challenge. If you just cut the motor and expect them to come down you can be in for a long wait. :)
A nice big open area with a long landing strip is helpful. You have to have it lined up with where you want to put it down long before it gets there. Then I find you often have to give it down elevator to get it on the ground, increasing the airspeed. I mixed spoilers into the ailerons to help get the airspeed down for landing. If I'm really lucky I can catch it by hand.


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Thanks @TooJung2Die, When I crashed it, it was a series of stalls due to inexperience. I got too low and it caught a wingtip on some tall knapweed and when the other wing accelerated, it got more lift and swung around and pile drived, nose first into the ground.

I have been doing a bit more research, and it looks like this glider had an airbrake designed for it, I'm not sure if this is an older model that didn't have that option or if the original builder elected to not build it.

It was a 2 channel tow launcher when I got it and I put the brushed motor in. I will look into replacing the brushed motor with a lighter brushless. The tail also needs some work, the horizontal stabilizer is loose and needs to be re-attached.

Finding a large enough open area around me could be difficult, I have a 20 acre gravel pit behind my house that has potential, but I'm too close to the small town airport to fly there. I have gotten permission from the airport supervisor before to fly my phantom but I hate bothering people to fly. My house isn't on google earth yet so I took some pictures to overlay. I should just join the RC club 20 miles south of me but $150 seems somewhat steep to join.

Sorry for the ramble.