Compatible stabilizer receivers for radiomaster pocket


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Hey I’m new to all this, I have purchased a radiomaster pocket cc2500. I also purchased a lemon rx dsmp stabilizer to help me start flying my new build and having an issue binding. I’m assuming it’s not compatible so are there any other ones or just get a more common transmitter? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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I had to do a little research for you and no, not compatible. I don’t know of any cc2500 RX that have built in gyro but you can get a cc2500 RX from radiomaster and then jumper the channels that need stability over to a gyro box.


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Would there be a different receiver that has gyro that would be compatible with radio or should I just jump to the radiometer tx16s??


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You could get a nano 4-in-1 module for the pocket. It will cost more than the radio itself. I went that route, but I bought the Pocket ELRS since the CC2500 can't do Spectrum Protocols. I have a few indoor flyers that I plan to use ELRS with, and the rest are DSMX.

Your other option would be to get a serial RX that the CC2500 supports and an FT Aura.


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Just get a separate gyro. I use the this one in a couple planes and it’s easy to set up and works well.

For the receiver, get something that supports sbus, then you can run a single wire from the receiver to the gyro. You can get a tiny one like this that only has sbus…

Or a larger one that also supports PWM, in case you want to use it without the stabilizer later.