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X-19 Hummingbird - Scratch Build


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh Scott interviews Peter, who designed his very own X-19 Hummingbird. Watch this episode to see more.



not crazy, just stupid
very nice!!!

[ItalianMobsterVoice]It would be a shame if you guys wouldn't give this plane an "in depth overview"-episode,[/ItalianMobsterVoise]

but no, seriously, please give us some episodes that are aimed at the highly advanced rc-pilots, the learn how to fly numbre is getting slightly repetitive for many of us.

Love the show!


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Yaayyyy its on flite test!!!! yup it's me, I also have a u tube channel, just search my user name and also search "tape and foam" for my other channel to see the earlier tests.
Congratulations! You have an amazing plane! Was your design influenced by the Cargo Twin that you built before?
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