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X-29 Build - Swept forward in the fun


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Oh you'll love the X-29! Andres did a great job, and mine was quite fast enough even on a 4S 70mm....you'll be screamin' on 6S! Just make sure you triple-check the CG, and don't be afraid to go a hair nose-heavy. When balanced right, it's a VERY stable jet.
The FMS EDF has a spec of 2.25kg of thrust on 6S .... Rubs hands with glee!!!!


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I have a 70mm 12blade EDF on its way for this..... running it on 6S so I'm hoping for some super performance xxxx
I have my eye on one of those units. Planning on getting this as a personal birthday or Xmas present to myself😂. Hoping to be able to start building and flying different jets for next summer.
The build will not be a problem. The ability to keep it in the air and land in one piece I am lacking.
Looking forward to see what you can make this set up do.


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And that's where we are stopping this evening... I stuck the saddle piece pointing the wrong direction ☹️☹️☹️
Tomorrow I will print out the plans for a replacement section and cut one by hand.
Was going so well too! Oh well, these things are sent to try us!!!