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X-Vert w/DX-6e

I'm basically a FrSky guy, but was intrigued with the X-Vert concept. So I bought a DX-6e. I've got it bound, but not the way I want. The a/c manual only deals with pre-bound Tx that comes with the RTF version. So how do I set up the DX-6e (mode 2) - airplane or multirotor, throttle cut switch, hover, stability and acro switch. and changing roll from rudder to aileron sticks.

Your recommendation helped me drill down on the Spektrum web site and find all the setting files. It was just a matter of loading the correct file straight to the TX. Rebound and everything functions perfectly!

Thanks for a push in the right directioin.


Obsession, not hobby
Yeah that was the first thing I looked for but was unable to click the transmitter images nor dropdown menus under Air Transmitter Setup with my iPad so that's why I just posted a link to the manual. I set the Xvert up manually on my DX8 and DX18 and it was easy with only a handful of settings. I don't know why Horizon (or their online presence company) never checks their websites with iPads, but it's frustrating. They've had iOS issues all along. Anyway, glad you got her figured out and you're in the air!