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YES; Another Newbie Question?

I am getting ready to make the big step into the "maiden" flight... My question is - with a delta wing airplane (left and right elevons only) to make a roll right, the left elevon goes up while the right side goes down... My thoughts are if your left goes up it should cause lift, and the right goes down it should produce drag as in flaps? Do I have this correct or am I going to find out the hard way??
Tell you the truth - I have 3 and a half planes ready to fly, but chicken to try!!!
Let her rip, chicken strip!!!
Many thanks to everyone that responded... it looks like I have my controls backwards. So much for over-thinking the matter, but what the heck, that's why you all are here, right?

As soon as they open, I'm off to the hardware store to buy some light round stock to make my landing gear for plane #4...

No luck wishers - just tell me to "go break a leg", as they used to do in the theater!!

Jim = stainless45
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