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Built this universal laser cutter for my wife over covid for crafting cut outs. I now want to add a needle foam board cutter to it for myself. I will be using a servo for the z axis movement and will 3d print my own design for it. Issue I have is there is no documentation for the board I can find. Company has next to no support. I use T2Laser and it has z support. There are servo pins on the board. Im a geek but not a cnc geek lol. Any help appreciated on how to go about this. Just looking for how to actuate the servo between cuts.



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Answering my own question... Easiest solution is to just get an ERC TIMSAV board and swap motor connectors between boards. That way I don't screw up the wifes toy lol. this way I can play all I want and no dog house issues. Still open for suggestions if you see a better way... Thanks.


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...Still open for suggestions if you see a better way...
If you are getting a separate board, just as well go all the way. A couple of steppers and rails and you have your own machine. No more swapping.