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Help! Laser Cutter options

Black foam definitely cuts more easily than white. But you have to drastically reduce the power because there's a lot of melt-back in the black foam because it absorbs so much more energy.
Has anyone tried cutting white DTFB with a 1024nm diode laser? Xtool is selling one for their cutter and they pitch it as a laser for engraving metal, but it's 5w and a different wave length than the standard blue diode lasers at 455nm. I'm not an expert on the absorption curve of white polystyrene foam, but would be interested to hear people's input.

Additionally, given the rise in popularity and fall in price of diode laser systems, why doesn't Adams offer a ready board (DTFB) with a black foam core? If they just made it black, we could cut it with ease!! Come on Adams!
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