FT Tiny Tutor Tail Wheel Mount

Part FT Tiny Tutor Tail Wheel Mount 2.5

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3D Print Files (STL, G-code, etc.)
Designed to be used with .031mm music wire. Can be drilled out to fit bigger wire.

1. insert wire through the mount.
2. bend approx. 90 degree, to match the angle of the bottom of rudder.
3. glue brace onto rudder bottom.
4. test fit, and then glue mount to bottom of fuse.
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Latest updates

  1. FT Tiny Tutor Tail Wheel Mount and Rudder Brace

    Adding a rudder brace to allow the tail wheel wire to slide without causing the glue to loosen.
  2. FT Tiny Tutor Tail Wheel Mount

    modification to fix hole for wire. removed solid surface so that the hole passes all the way...

Latest reviews

Great design! I just installed this on my brand-new Tiny Tutor, and it has made my taxi testing a lot more controllable.

It was a quick print and it worked great with a pushrod wire and a small wheel from my junk drawer, so I will definitely be doing this mod again if I build another Tiny Tutor.

Thanks for sharing!
Great! I designed this for the Tiny Tutor, but it works great on many FT designs.