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Plane Nieuport 31 Sesquiplane Fighter v.1

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French Nieuport 31 ,prototype was buildt in 1919... is said to be one of the best looking aircraft of the WW1. The name " Sesquiplane" means 'one-and-a-half wings.'"
Its sleek smooth streamlined wooden monocoque shell of tulipwood, was produced by winding thin spiral strips around a mould in a series of alternately handed layers and glueing them together. It tapered to the rear, with an almost delta-shaped horizontal tailplane . It had a auxiliary aerofoil surface who enclosed the undercarriage axle and the upper portions of the wheels.
It has a slight curbed LE on the wing and TE straight.

Nieuport built racing aircraft before World War I and fighter aircraft during World War I and between the wars.Specially modified Nieuport 31 aircraft set speed and height records, and the 31 was the first aircraft to exceed 200 mph in level flight. Later developed versions was made as racer for Coupe Deutch airracing.

Nieuport 28 was the first fighter to be used on operations by a U.S. Squadron.

plans are for a 1:10 scale build
  • Length: 695mm
  • Wingspan: 860mm
weight approx 450-500g,

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