RC Aircraft Wall Hanger for 3D Printing

Part RC Aircraft Wall Hanger for 3D Printing V2

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I note the last time I logged on to the FT Foram I saw a great example of a Wall Hanger by their tails for the FT Bloody Baron, Bloody Brit, and SideWinder by SP0NZ, Great Work by the way. So I decided to put up my design that was done some time ago for my EPO foam RC aircraft and you can see my 50mm EDF Phantom E4 Jet in the attached photos and it worked well.

This bracket is designed to use the front landing gear of the RC aircraft to hold up flat against the wall. Using your slicing software to change the size of the hanger to suit your own needs just change the size in a uniform scaling, at 100% the size is 20mm x 95mm x 50mm to support a 45mm diameter wheel.

It has two countersunk stowe holes to attach to the wall, and hooks under the wheel to support the RC aircraft. I do sergest to print it on its side to make it stronger so the hanger has maximum strength.

Print Settings
Printer brand: Creality
Printer: Ender 3 Pro
Rafts: Doesn't Matter
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.1mm
Shell Wall Thickness: 1mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 1mm
Infill: 25%
Filament material: PLA
Filament used at 100% size: 10g

3D-RC-Aircraft-Wall-Hanger-Tops-Side.png 3D-RC-Aircraft-Wall-Hanger-Bottoms-Side.png 3D-RC-Aircraft-Wall-Hanger-Front.png 3D-RC-Aircraft-Wall-Hanger-Side.png 3D-RC-Aircraft-Wall-Hanger-Top.png

Photos with the 50mm EDF Phantom E4 Jet using the hanger.

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