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power pack a

  1. S

    Offer For Sale - Used power Pack A motors/escs 6 sets.

    These are used, tested, sets of Power pack A motor/esc. what you see is what will be included. I have 6 sets available. Each set will include 1 motor (MT1806), 1 esc (12a), and 4 props that coordinate with the direction of the motor. Addl props sets (2cw,2ccw) available as well. Please...
  2. Z

    Power Pack A Motor Troubleshooting

    I recently assembled the power pod for a Tiny Trainer. Some of the instructions weren't clear and I had tried to attach it using four screws instead of the two it showed in the video which didn't work. I also used the medium sized screws rather than the smallest ones that came with the motor...
  3. FoamyDM

    Love a first sight - Anime X1 fighter

    I like to look a anime planes for design inspirations as I try to dream up new things to build from foam. I think I like the "will it float" style challenges for airplanes. Ali poked around here and found something on devion2112's page. He had a build photo or two and a posting of the plan in...
  4. A

    Connecting EMax BL Heli 30A to Tactic TR624 receiver

    Just got Power Pack A with a speed build kit and am trying to figure out how to attach the ESC to my receiver and get the benefit of the ESC's BEC. The BL Heli 30A has one lead for the receiver, but the TR624 receiver has a battery input and a separate channel 1 output. Anyone else have this...
  5. Y

    FT Flyer - Power Pack A?

    I really wanted to build a Mini Arrow as my first RC plane, especially after Josh and Josh said wings were good for noobs in the Beginner Series videos, so I bought a Power Pack A and started cutting foam... But now reading on here I'm getting scared out of it! I'm thinking I might want to try...