3d flying

  1. T

    West michigan park flyers

    I have flown the WMPF planes before and I liked it so much I bought one, is there any one else out there who did the same and if so what one?
  2. The Alpine Ace

    Anyone have plans/ideas for a foamboard 3D profile (foamie) airplane?

    I've been practicing a lot on the simulators, because of winter, and I've gotten good at the 3D planes. I want get a real life counterpart, and I have a lot of spare parts and foamboard. Anybody have any designs for a profile or foamie 3D airplane that I can make out of foamboard? I know there's...
  3. A

    Beginner 3D Robust Plane?

    Hey guys, I already have some experience with flying 3D planes but I am still a beginner. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good aerobatic but strong electric beginner 3D plane? I heard that the best beginner 3D planes are the EPP 3D planes because of their strength. I want something...
  4. R

    Sukhoi 29mm by Parkzone: a next step forward in learning 3D?

    Is the new Sukhoi 29mm by Parkzone the next step forward in learning 3D? I've bought one because it was simply irresistible. I hope that I made a good decision. Using a Spektrum DX6i some good advice might be that it seems that the critical thing is to RESET the Model #, don't leave any...
  5. T

    A Few Of My Flying Videos.

    Hobby King Galaxy F3p Foam plane kit HobbyKing 3D - HobbyKing Tristania-EPP WMPARKFLYERS YAk55