Sukhoi 29mm by Parkzone: a next step forward in learning 3D?

Richard Haynes

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Is the new Sukhoi 29mm by Parkzone the next step forward in learning 3D? I've bought one because it was simply irresistible. I hope that I made a good decision. Using a Spektrum DX6i some good advice might be that it seems that the critical thing is to RESET the Model #, don't leave any 'residue' programming.
ON the show Josh B seems to confirm my concern that the 'LOW RATES" shown on page 7 might still be a bit lively for a transitional pilot wanting to ease into the plane gradually: particularly the retention of 100% Elevator. Josh B says 60/30 ailerons; did he alter Rudder or Elevator???
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I'll be curious to hear about your experience. I haven't ordered the Sukhoi yet but it's getting harder to resist. BTW I have a Duster flying with 50/40 ailerons and that allows much smoother flight yet I can still roll faster than any of my other planes. I'm planing on similar low rates to start with the Sukhoi.


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It's a lot of fun on FPV.

Plenty of power for a quick take off with unlimited vertical. Landings on these 3d planes need power. I'm used to gliders and floaty planes that you can cut throttle and come in for landing. This one prefers power all the way down the runway to keep the tail down and rudder control.

Anyone near you fly 3D that can help with maiden? I was nervous, too. But after the first lap, I was hovering, inverted and knife edge flying. I love the panic switch on this thing. The rates in the manual work but I added lots more expo. 40-60%. Then I reduced it over the next couple of flights to 30-40%.


Fly yes... land no.
I'm looking forward to buying mine.

So have to try FPV with my T-28 next ;)