3d printing

  1. _beta

    3D Printed Power Pod (A)

    Hello, I am a beginner in RC flight and have built the FT Tiny Trainer. Me and my friend were at my acreage flying our Tiny Trainers (we are both noobies) we both crashed lots and the only thing that broke was the power pods. I was thinking as I built my replacement power pod that I should 3D...
  2. C

    3D Printing Software?

    Can Anyone recommend 3D printing software? I'm a complete newbie to it all. I'm thinking about ordering a 3D printer from Hobby King. They seem to have a good sale going on right now.
  3. V

    3D Printed landing gear legs for FT-Storch

    I am not good at bending steel wire to make landing gear :( So I drew up some landing gear legs in Sketchup and printed legs for my Storch; they're plenty sturdy and only about 30g heavier than the steel gear setup. For those interested in printing a set for themselves, I've posted the...