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3D Printed Power Pod (A)


Junior Member
I am a beginner in RC flight and have built the FT Tiny Trainer. Me and my friend were at my acreage flying our Tiny Trainers (we are both noobies) we both crashed lots and the only thing that broke was the power pods. I was thinking as I built my replacement power pod that I should 3D print the power pod. I had already 3D printed the firewall as I didn't have any hobby plywood so all I had to do was modify that design. I am just about done but I still have to print and tweak. I am starting a shop on shapeways so I will sell them there once it is finished. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or problems with power pods that could be improved?


New member
The 3d printed power pod works great and is something I use on my mighty minis. The drawback is the crashes! You damage your airframe instead of the power pod. Repairing/replacing the power pod takes less than 10 minutes. Tracing, cutting, building a new fuselage takes much longer.

I would suggest that if you plan to continue your streak of crashes, use the printed firewalls and build up several spare foamboard powerpods. To stop the bbq skewer holes in the fuselage from tearing out, use plastic sheet or gift cards to support them.

If you continue the path of the printed power pod, I would include slots in it to support battery straps. I have even experimented with adding threads in the power pod and attaching it to the fuselage with 3D printed screws. These hold pretty good, but they require larger holes in your airplane.
I just built a mini scout and 3d printed the power pod for it. I like it. After several crashes (I'm new to airplanes too) it's still holding up well. I printed out the control horns and wheels as well as a little MG08/15 to mount to it. :D