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3D Printed landing gear legs for FT-Storch

I am not good at bending steel wire to make landing gear :( So I drew up some landing gear legs in Sketchup and printed legs for my Storch; they're plenty sturdy and only about 30g heavier than the steel gear setup.

For those interested in printing a set for themselves, I've posted the files on YouMagine under a non-commercial license.

My print settings: 0.3mm layer height, 20% infill, 1mm wall thickness. Definitely use a brim!!!! Support is not necessary.
Toughness confirmed. My re-entry into RC aircraft has gone... roughly. Kotori did the initial flight and trimmed her out (minor tendency to roll to port). I was not so good at takeoffs, but the landing gear got thoroughly tested, and survived the day. I will be using my Taranis to fly the plane next time so we can buddy-box until I remember how to fly :)