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64mm edf

  1. L Edge

    Using a 64mm EDF in a DF-032 jet

    After exploring using foamboard with a 5 bladed 64mmEDF, I happened to see a DF-32 jet by (Thewingsmakersmaker.com) jet for $49.99 without an EDF. The video showed it being launched by a dolly as well as by hand and it seemed real fast in the air. So I ordered it and when it came in I adapted...
  2. L Edge

    AN EDF STOL---- result of an vtol failure

    Failure Equals Success Seven years ago this project was a result of using an EDF with a VTOL concept which failed and an offshoot that gave me a new STOL project that is really different and also a first. Anyway, look at the beginning of the video and you see the EDF rotate(using the rudder)...
  3. Chuppster

    The scratch-built twin-EDF CH-F14

    The F-14 has some of my favorite curves of any jet, and I would love to scratch build one out of foam. So, I'm here to begin my efforts! I'm still in the process of drawing the plans and I am totally looking for any advice anyone has. This is also my first build without anyone's plans to hold...
  4. C

    F-35 with EDF

    Hi All, I designed an F-35 with a 64mm EDF in SketchUp and then built it using the standard foam board, and figured I would share it here if anyone was interested. A couple of notes about the build: 1) I put a CC3D flight controller in it so that it would have auto level and it worked great...