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The scratch-built twin-EDF CH-F14


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The F-14 has some of my favorite curves of any jet, and I would love to scratch build one out of foam. So, I'm here to begin my efforts! I'm still in the process of drawing the plans and I am totally looking for any advice anyone has. This is also my first build without anyone's plans to hold my hand. I'm building on a budget so my power setup isn't going to be spectacular, but I still hope it'll fly. Here's the parameters:

Wingspan: 123 cm extended, 74 cm swept
Length: 117 cm
Weight: ??
Powerplant: 2x 64mm EDF's (64mm EDF)
Battery: 4s 3000mAh
Servos: 4x 9g, 1x MG995 (Big Servo)
Landing Gear: Belly!

F-14 3-view.jpg

If anyone has had a positive experience with components similar to the ones I have on this list please let me know, as I have yet to try any of them out and I don't know if they are any good or if there are better items with a similar price.

I am hoping to have a removable nose like the X-29, but I would like to keep the pointed-down nature of the F-14. So there will be a false doubler in the nose that will set the angle of the nose and slide over the fuselage.

For the main spar (in the fuselage) I plan to use two pieces of 1/8" plywood, one above the other. I want to use 3mm rods to pin them together, and between the spars I will have 3 laminated pieces of plywood inside each wing, the bottom piece going most of the length of the wing, then decreasing in length on each piece above. For linkages I intend to use 3mm rods from the servo to the linkage arm on the spar. I have no idea if this will be strong enough to support the big bird, but I plan on finding out!

Hopefully the current plans can give you an idea of what I'm going for. They are crude but feel free to build along and ask questions. I can use all the help I can get!

Plans (Alpha 0.1):


Inkscape File (this is my working file, so it should stay up to date more than the PDF's)

  1. Draw up a nose. If anyone wants to take this on be my guest!
  2. Initial Test Build
  3. Iterate the plans, build more!
  4. Order/test electronics
  5. Maiden!
5-5-18: Added nose plans. Plans now use a thinner line width.


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Very cool subject. This is something on my to do list as well.

The plans look good from here, but it is really hard to tell without seeing the build.

Get this thing built so I can see the awesome! (y)


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Quick update, I drew the nose. I've never done this before, but I modeled it in Fusion 360 and exported each of the faces to a .dxf. I then went and put them together in InkScape. The alpha version of the nose has been uploaded as CH_F-14_Nose.pdf.

f-14 Nose Model.JPG

I have a wing cut out and I'm halfway through cutting out a nacelle. I've also edited the InkScape file to use thinner lines, when I printed out the plans the lines were 3mm wide even though I specified 1mm.


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I'm still waiting for a good EDF for my F-86. You're an inspiration for me! Are you doing a build thread?
Thanks! I love to see more people build the F-86! Yeah, I think I'll have to start a build thread. I like what your doing with the nose, I'm going to use the same 4 sided rectangle as my F-15. Figuring out the wings is definitely going to be the most challenging part of this build, for both of us.


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Yeah, I’m keeping it scale with my other creations (Eagle, Sabre, MiGs).
Do you think it would be cheating for me to use a legitimate metal screw for the wing joint?


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Yeah, I’m keeping it scale with my other creations (Eagle, Sabre, MiGs).
Do you think it would be cheating for me to use a legitimate metal screw for the wing joint?
No! As long as other people can find them at the hardware store.

That's actually a really good idea! Although, I would recommend a nut/bolt over a screw (makes it easy to remove, should be a good hinge).


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Cut out the spars, and I found that with 3/16 ply I only want two pieces laminated to make the wing spar. I also decided to cut out the wing so the main spar will sit flush with the wing, allowing for everything to be lower profile. Today I hope to make the holes with my uncle's drill press, then hopefully mock things up even more.

2018-06-08 21.08.45.jpg View attachment

I've been tweaking the drawings and I don't think that will stop any time soon. I probably won't update the .pdf's until I have the bird at least put together.


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Well, the Banggood servo doesn't have quite as much torque as I was hoping, but that's no surprise. Still, I have the spar rigged up. I switched to machined M3 screws for hinges, they seem to do well. One step at a time!
2018-06-18 20.27.04.jpg 2018-06-18 20.27.05.jpg 2018-06-18 20.27.14.jpg 2018-06-18 20.27.17.jpg