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  1. J

    DTFB ATR 72

    Hey there! This is my first "legit" scratch build and I hope to get it right so feel free to reply to me if you happen to have any suggestions. However from the title of the post I will be building an ATR-72 out of DTFB mainly along with maybe a few other materials. My goals are to have it fly...
  2. ukh87

    Introducing foamcore airliner!

    Made of 100% foamcore from dollar tree. Wing span approx 42" Gross weight 27.5oz (780g) twin 50mm edf, twin 20A ESC 5~10 min flight with 3S 2200mah It's edf and not a swappable but I'm planning to build a swappable pusher airliners. Anyone interested? Please leave me some airliners...
  3. Aviator08

    C-17, C-130, and other "Heavy" aircraft

    Has anyone been working on Commercial, Military Jets or other " heavies"? I just saw a picture on one of the articles that showed an airliner in progress. I have been working on a C-17 for a co-worker whose son just got assigned to one. Wingspan is 58" , length is 62" Have Fun and...
  4. RockNBurn

    Swappable Douglas DC-3/C-47

    *EDITED* I have not yet given up on this plane. I'm just having some time/budget constraints. But I have some news. I made a Phoenix RC model. It may have some problems, but it FLYES!!! Download it here. Enjoy. REMEMBER, THIS PLANE IS STILL UNTESTED To download the plans, please, click here...
  5. RotateB4TheEnd

    Round Fuselage Ideas?

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone had any ways to get a cylindrical fuselage made out of foam board. I'm sure I could make a ton of score lines and get a pretty close shape but has anyone gotten a good shape without making a bunch of cuts? My reasoning behind this is i'd like to take a stab...
  6. Hamdhan

    Mounting EDFs

    Dear Flitetest Community, I recently finished building my EPX 900NX, its an Eco friendly flier. It is my FIRST plane so it looks kinda messy but its quite good for a first try I'd say. The plane takes off but is really tail heavy so I shall correct it soon. But for now, I have mounted the EDF's...