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Swappable Douglas DC-3/C-47


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I have not yet given up on this plane. I'm just having some time/budget constraints.
But I have some news. I made a Phoenix RC model. It may have some problems, but it FLYES!!!
Download it here.


To download the plans, please, click here.

Some assembly notes before I get some instructions done:
  1. Install the tail turtledeck AFTER installing the push rods. You will need to punch holes in the postboard to pass them
  2. I did not included any piece to hold the pushrod tubes (or whatever they are called). Please, make you own.
  3. In the mid wing section, there are 2 access hatches. The front one is for the motor cables, the back one is for the servos (flaps and ailerons)
  4. On the spars, the middle section spar reinforcement is placed facing the tail, and the wing spar reinforcement is placed facing the nose. (The insert tabs on the middle section have different sizes to prevent it to be placed backwards *hint*hint*)
  5. The wing assembly is identical to the FT Spitfire. I've included a Dihedral Gauge. The tab should be placed on the wing Camber.
  6. Aileron servos are placed on the Wing Camber, but you must cut a servo pocket so they can fit. (see FT Spitfire)
  7. The nacelles have a C fold to add a down thrust angle. I forgot to add the C Fold Icon.
  8. There are still no landing gears.

What I just fixed:
Added a slot on the body to fix the vertical stabilizer.
Neck collar is 5 mm too wide on the base. It wont go into the body
Wing slot does not seems to be wide enough to hold the wing.
Added a slot for the cabin former.

What needs to be fixed so far:

That's all, I guess.


*Original Post*

Hey guys.

First of all, I want to say thanks for the Flite Test team and community for making it easy for anyone to start in the hobby.
And also, sorry about any bad english, LOL.

I always liked airliners, specially classic planes, so I decided to try to make a swappable airliner, based on my ll time favorite, the Douglas DC-3.

I'm modeling the body on Blender 3D, using FT build techniques. Some parts will be based on the FT Cruiser, but probably I wont be using the full sized power pod (maybe the mini power pod, or a custom sized one).

I really, really hope I can finish it, since its my first scratch project. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Addams Foam-board here. Mays I'll make mine out of Depron.

I'll be posting my progress here.

image 1.jpg image 2.jpg

These are just a rough approximation on the body structure. As soon as I have figure it out all the parts, I'll be detailing it.
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My favorite plane! We have needed a foam board DC-3 for a long time. There have been a few people to start, and even get pretty far into it, but I haven't seen any finished products yet. I want to be able to build it. I need it. Please finish. Do it for me :p

By the way, your English is great! I think you mean under camber though, not "under chamfer."
Still, much better than most people who speak it as their native language!
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Thank you for the encouraging words. I really hope I can finish it. I was looking for ages for a foam DC-3, with no success.
I'll try to make it as true as possible.

BTW, thanks for the correction. LOL.


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I've added some dihedral to the wings, and placed a power pod were the nacelles should be placed.
The idea is to place the engines as close as possible to the place were they should be.
I don't really like the idea of a power pod that long. I might cut it in half.

BTW, it will be a large plane. About 1400mm wingspan.


image 7.jpg

image 8.jpg
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Power pod placement. The idea is to put the engines as close as possible to the real position on the wing, not under it.

image 9.jpg

I cut the power pod in half, so if fits the nacelles size, and I still have room for split flaps. This plane have no need for a full size pod.
The power pod holder will have a C Fold for a downward thrust angle.

image 10.jpg
wow Nice Its coming out awesomely. and I hope after you build 2 or 3 and worked out any bugs that you post a nice set of printable plans. I would love to build and fly this.


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For a better Nacelle placement, and to prevent some weird cuts on the wing, I'm considering to leave them squared. I'll probably shape the cowl like the FT Cruiser.

image 11.jpg
image 12.jpg
image 13.jpg


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The real problem is how to properly unwrap the nose to make it in poster board. The turtledeck was easy, but the nose will be a real challenge.


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I'm concerned about the prop size for this build. An 8" prop would probably hit the fuselage. I don't know how a smaller prop would affect the plane.


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I've ajusted the nacelles position so I could fit a 8" Prop size. I guessing it will be enough, this plane is not supposed to be fast.

I'm now working on making the parts fit together, adding wing spars, servo pockets and stuff. (there are a lot of stuff.

image 14.jpg
image 15.jpg
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I'll probably will have an untested prototype plans available soon enough.
As soon as I figure it out the cabin and finish all the parts needed to build.
And a landing gear as well.
http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/models/aircraft/Douglas-Skytrain.htmlHey, I'm one of the guys who took a stab at the DC3 project and has yet to come up with anything worth while.

My plan was to build a mighty miny style dc3 at around 40 inches of wingspan, so the swappable pods would'nt have been that much of an issue because they're shorter in relation to the full size pod. Now that hey're available, though, why not try and integrate the explorer pusher pod into your nacelles? you'd have to convert them to tractor of course, but that's just a flipped prop away...

As to the nose section, I found this neat paper model that gave me some ideas on how to do it.

I like the way your model is coming along. Keep it up!


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WOAH! Thank you very much, that will help me a lot.
I´m using a Blender extension that let me export 3D files as papercraft. It worked beautifully on the turtledeck, but the nose was tricky. This model will help me a lot with the topology needed to make it work.
Man, I habit been on the fiddlers green website in years, I'm actually kinda surprised it is still around.

Must resist the urge to start building paper models again...

I think I might scale the plans up to have a wingspan of about 1600mm and use detracts from hobbyking'a C-47.
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I think I have all the parts lay down as plans. I just need to put'em together as a single file.
That may be some minor things missing, like BBQ Skewer markings and stuff.

I almost forgot bout the wing spacers :eek:
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