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    First DIY quad... help me please T^T

    hey all. Here's the info. Quad: Arris 250b (I swapped out the flight chip with a Naze 32 bought from the flite test website because I accidentally fried the...
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    newbie needs help!

    my names Tom and im really new to this hobby. My problem is that i can not get my Tx and Rx to work together on my quadcopter that i am trying to build. my Tx is a Dx6i and the Rx is an AR610. The flight controller is a mini cc3d with angled pins. I have soldered all 4 esc to the motor and pdb...
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    Spekrum dx6 bind fail

    I've recently purchased a dx6 and two AR610 receivers. My problem is the transmitter has been bound to both receivers but will not connect anymore. There are two model profiles but when I bind to one it tells me bind failed. Any suggestions? My next idea would be to call spectrum for help. Thanks.
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    Spektrum DX6i or DX5e?

    Hello, I recently ordered the components to build a FT Flyer (and Delta later on), but I still have to order the transmitter and receiver. I am going to visit a local hobbyshop this weekend, and I was planning to buy the DX6i with an AR400 4 CH receiver. This will cost me about €130. However, I...