First DIY quad... help me please T^T


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hey all. Here's the info.

Quad: Arris 250b
(I swapped out the flight chip with a Naze 32 bought from the flite test website because I accidentally fried the first one.)

Receiver: Spektrum AR610 6CH sport receiver

Transmitter: DX6e

PROBLEM: Tried installing firmware through the cleanflight app. At first I used v1.14.2 - Naze - 2016-12-30 3:15 (stable)
for some reason i was not able to bind the receiver with the transmitter. i checked my receiver to see if it was connected correctly with the flight chip. i followed the directions from i even tried putting the chords on the positive pins. Still couldnt bind. I then put the chords back on the negative pins in order.

Was not sure if it was the version I used so I tried using an older version.
I tried v1.14.1. set it to FULL CHIP ERASE >> Load Firmware [online] >> flash firmware
it worked.
I then tried again with full chip erase off.
It then read "No response from the bootloader, programming: FAILED"

At this point, i had no idea what i was doing. i went back and forth between the versions trying every possible combination. nothing worked. i made sure not to go beyond v1.11.0 though.

now i cant connect via usb or flash the firmware.


please help :)