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balsa building

  1. Lucario

    Guillows Lancer Electric Conversion Build Thread

    This is my first build! I'm gonna document it here. You can go here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/greetings-from-tennessee-questions-about-balsa-too.54954/#post-426516 to see my initial progress. As of today, I've almost completed the fuselage. I need to add the electronics in...
  2. Lucario

    Greetings from Tennessee! Questions about balsa too.

    I've been watching flite test for quite some time, and I've been flying cheap rc's since i was a kid. But I've always wanted to build my own models. In my opinion, there's nothing like seeing your own work take flight. I've purchased some Guillows kits and I've been working on the lancer as it...
  3. rockyboy

    Balsa Kit Manufacturers

    Here's my bookmark list of currently operating kit manufacturers that I've either bought from recently, or have on my wish list. Ordered from, built, and absolutely love.... excellent kit quality, instructions, support, etc. I keep pictures of their planes in my wallet (right behind the wife...
  4. nhk750

    Future build, information, review and podcasts

    I have been watching FT since September 2016 and have just about watched all the videos they have now. Back a while ago they touched on building balsa airplanes and the art of doing so, then nothing since. After building and scratch building 5 Flight Test planes in the past few months, my...