Willy Nillies J3 Cub Build Log


I finally got my Willy Nillies kit in! This will be my first balsa build, which may be a little ambitious as there’s no instructions included with the kit. But they have some reference photos posted on their forum as well as a time lapse build video which I’m planning on using. Has anyone built this plane before or know if any more good references? I’m looking forward to getting started!



Wow! Even for a first-time builder this kit has been very straightforward using the reference photos. In one sitting of about an hour and a half I was able to finish the bulk of the fuselage and half of the main wing (not pictured).

Does anybody have a good recommendation of how to make hinges for the control surfaces? I’ve seen people cut little slits and superglue plastic in to use as hinges, but this balsa seems quite thin and I’m not sure that would work. Are there any other easy techniques?



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It's hard to beat Willy Nillies airplanes for a first time builder! You're going to have to like sanding if you build with balsa. Lots of sanding. Those imperfections disappear with sandpaper. The good thing is balsa sands very easy so don't take off too much too fast.