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brushless motor

  1. ulaskayalar

    KK2 3. The motor is running stronger

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YGHK66K8JRzPnrv7frvwVIC8UivFMZv6/view?usp=sharing As you can see in the video, the drone falls because the engine is very strong. All calibration settings are complete, but I cannot solve the problem.
  2. N

    Brushless Motor not running until full throttle

    Hello, I'm trying to test different propellers. I have built a small wind tunnel. I'm using a RCX 1804 brushless motor with a ZTW Mantis ESC. ESCs can be controlled just like a servo. I have an Arduino and breadboard set up with a potentiometer. When the potentiometer is adjusted, the...
  3. N

    Is there any way to remove the non-conductive coating from a brushless motor?

    I have accidently stripped one of the motor wires back to the part where the non conductive coating is, so it won't work. Is there any way to remove this coating, or do I have to buy a new motor?
  4. P

    Emax brushless motor issues

    Hey guys, I really need someone's help on this... I've just received new Emax brushless motors from Banggood and one isn't working as it should be. Most of the time, it oscillates and doesn't spins properly. However, it works fine without the prop, but as soon as I screw the prop on and I...
  5. M

    Turnigy 28-30 1000kv motor issue

    I had four of the Turnigy 28-30 and was using 1 of them for a plane while my quad parts came in. After crashing it a few times and lightly tapping the shaft back into place I noticed that it wasn't as smooth when turning it manually. It wasn't bad so eventually I moved this over to my quad...
  6. G

    Baby Blender Help Needed

    Hey guys, just built a baby blender with the recommended components (Turnigy plush 25amp, NTM 1200kv, 3s 2200mah 8x4 prop) And I just can't get it to take off. It seems to me like it does not have enough power or my plane is too heavy. Do you think that an 8x4 prop is too small. Is there any...