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  1. kah00na

    Wooden Bat Bones Frame Build

    Wooden Bat Bones Frame Build (with templates) I've like the Bat Bones tricopter since FliteTest released it. When David made it into a V-Tail, I really wanted to build one. I've made three other Tricopter frames out of 1/8" plywood and wanted to do the same thing with the Bat Bones. The...
  2. X

    V-Tail Boom Length & Material

    Hi, Latest video from the Crazy Swede has me motivated to create my first quad. I've ordered the various components, but have a couple of questions I'm hoping you all can help me with: What are the boom lengths, and how did David go about determining them? From the video, I'm guessing that...
  3. L

    Buliding HK Club Trainer

    Got this the other day and wanted to play with my Gopro so here is whta i came up with. good news is it will only take up about 20 seconds of your time and you wont have to wonder what to do for that whole time :)
  4. L

    Buliding HK Club Trainer

    Got this just the other day to save other planes for a quick death while i learn to keep them from cutting grass. wanted to play with the gopro at the same time and made this quick video.
  5. D

    Gee Bee PDFs

    I turned the thread into an article.
  6. J

    New Scratch Build Idea For FliteTest

    IDEA #1 My name is Jonathan Hanson from Unalakleet, Alaska. I Love the designs that you guys come up with for scratch build swappable planes. They are amazingly simple and just flat out fun to build and fly. My suggestion to you guys for a future swappable is a piper/super cub or something...
  7. M

    Ft 3d pics and vids

    Post any pictures and videos of the ft 3d scratch build plane here.
  8. D

    Newbie Advice

    Hello, I am building a 20 year old, new in box futaba professor 40 ARF nitro plane, i have all i need, but not the instruction manual. I have contacted futaba and may or may not get a manual, but i have other questions What glue should i use? its balsa with some foam.. and if im stuck can i post...
  9. X

    First time build - Tricopter, need help from expirenced builders:)

    First RC build ever - Tricopter, need help from expirenced builders :) Hi guys and girls :) First off, i'm all new to this hobby (Was playing Airsoft, but broke my leg badly so now i can't play), but I have been following flitetest on youtube for a year or so and read almost all possible...
  10. 3zuli

    Planning a Q450build

    Planning a Q450 build Hi guys, I'm starting my first quad build. I want to use the Q450 frame from HK, KK2.0 as control board and ideally my Turnigy 2200mAh 3s 20C LiPo's as power source. I want the quad to be capable of carrying a gopro (or similar camera, possibly with a small 1-axis gimbal)...
  11. themajik1

    EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e Build

    So I was asked after purchasing the EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e from Atlanta for the unbelievable price of $139.00 to do a quick build thread. This plane came like all of the EFlite, Parkzone, and the rest of Horizon Hobby's stuff packed well, no issues whatsoever. Here are the contents...
  12. L


    Hey Guys, So im not a builder by any means, but I had a really good idea (i think) tonight that i'd love to see some of you more experienced rc plane builders try or even make an episode about this. Using a 2 liter soda bottle as the fuselage, try making a plane out of a 2 liter. You could...
  13. Formori

    First Scratch-Built Tricopter

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum (and rcgroups) but not new to RC! I've been playing with radio control cars and stuff most of my life, I currently have a Nitro T-maxx truck, an electric MiniRio boat (soon to be brushless!), a bunch of small coax heli's, and a SlowFly park flyer (mostly flown...
  14. IamNabil

    Flyzone Calypso

    So, in the other thread, thoughts on the radian vs the bixler I spoke about not knowing what to get, and trying to find something interesting to fly before this weekend, which is forecast to be the nicest weekend this summer. I called every shop within three hundred miles, and not a single one...
  15. E

    Budget Plane

    Hello every one and Josh and Josh. i know you guys already did a challenge on "making" a RC plane on a budget, how about instead of creating a plane from your mine, make a plane by just getting the parts? For example, a year back, a friend let me fly his ParkZone F-27C stryker and i loved it and...
  16. S

    Show Suggestion for beginners

    Hi, I am new to the RC field and is totally confused about the different types of foam available. EPP, Depron, EPO etc. Also, I am not sure on which glue should be used for what. It would be great if you could do a detailed show on "All about foam and glues". I am sure it will be welcomed by...
  17. marzvt

    FPV TEK SUMO 2.0 High speed mountain flyer

    Hey everyone I am just finishing up the build on my second FPV TEK SUMO. My first one is lost in the wilderness, I miss it... I live in the mountains so I build for mountain flying. In my mind that means more weight, more power for high wing loading to deal with gusts and wind, and a stability...