center of gravity

  1. W

    FT Explorer Thrust Angle Woes--Raise CG?

    So, I am new to r/c and just started building an FT Explorer. I have read several posts and seen a few videos with folks struggling to get their thrust angle sorted out. I read the related articles on FT and understand the thrust angle should ideally line up with the CG...not just the balance...
  2. R

    Center of Gravity with scales

    Super helpful video that covers finding CG with three scales and WAM!
  3. FoamyDM

    Help for a Non-destructive Center of Gravity for new designs?

    CG - Can anyone help? I've looked at a bunch of things online but I wanted to understand how to determine the Center of Gravity (CG) of a completely new designs. I want to do this without destroying the plane in the process. What I know. - Pick a point, (1/3 of wing on traditional wings)...
  4. J

    CG of Bix3

    Hello guys, I've bought the Bix3, and I flied it stock, with the battery all the way in the front. It seemed a little tail heavy. I placed about 50 grams of lead in the cockpit, and now I think it's alright. My CG is on the servo wire of the flaps. Can anyone say whether this is correct or not...
  5. I

    Stubborn Ft Versa

    Hey guys. I'm new to the hobby, and made an ft versa from 5mm foam board. 40a turnigy 1450kv brushless outrunner, pusher configuration, 30a (I'm so sorry, but due to budget this was needed, and I never go above 3/4 throttle for more than 3 seconds) ESC, and a 2800mah 3s. I have 9x7.5 and 9x4...
  6. J

    Nutball C of G

    Just built my Nutball seems fine except for two issues. The centre of gravity can only be made correct by 60 grams of nose weight! The only thing I can think of (as I followed the plans) is I put a fine waterproofing bead of hot glue - wiped off on the perimeter of the foam. I also wiped hot...
  7. K

    CG Problems - FT Versa Wing and Blunt Nose Versa Wing

    Last summer I built a regular FT Versa Wing. I loved. I recently took it apart to used the hardware in a fresh new Blunt Nose Versa Wing. Both Pushers. However, I had problems with the CG on the first one, and I'm having the same problems on the blunt nose. Tail heavy. For the regular Versa...
  8. S

    Electrohub CG

    Hello, I have finish my electrohub build with the flip 1.5. My first flight test was not a success. The MultiRotor tip forward and broke one of the propeller. I just received the replacement propeller and I was testing it slowly by adding power to the electrohub a little at a time until it...
  9. F

    FT Flyer troubles (stability and odd tendancies)

    Hello! I have been flying my ft flyer for a couple weeks now and can not seem to fix a problem I am having. I would not describe it myself as being stable how Josh Scott described it in the ft delta video. Here's the problem: If I let the nose down any more than twenty or thirty degrees for...
  10. Y

    Versa Wing teething issues

    Hello! I've been flying since 1993 and I've returned to the hobby and to electric flight after several years. I've just finished a Versa for combat in my club and this morning went to maiden it and it will not fly. The plane nose dives into the ground. SETUP: pusher setup with the beef electric...
  11. R

    FT Flier Mobious

    Hello, Here is a video from my first calm day of flying the FT Flier with my new Mobious. I have some questions for the guys who've done this more than me. 1. I've got the plane balanced, but it doesn't seem to fly as relaxed as it does without the camera on it. I mounted the camera over...
  12. P

    How do you find center of lift/gravity for custom scratch builds?

    Inspired by the article about scratch building without wasting foam board, I am trying to build a larger version of Nutball with swappable holes for the power pod. I am also using larger sized elevons. Not having to print out the design, join it together with tape, and transfer it to the foam...
  13. G

    Spitfire Printing error: " Happy Accident"?

    Not quite sure this is the thread, but it seemed to fit.. I had a friend print out the plans on his plotter, I was done with cutting out when i noticed that things were not quite right. I checked the scale on the plans and even though I asked him to print at 100%, he "scaled to fit" instead...
  14. M

    Stability for Hovering Aircrafts

    Saw a neat study on the news of how top heavy hovering objects/aircraft are more stable in flight than ones with a lower center of gravity. Check out the link! :o