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Spitfire Printing error: " Happy Accident"?


Junior Member
Not quite sure this is the thread, but it seemed to fit..

I had a friend print out the plans on his plotter, I was done with cutting out when i noticed that things were not quite right. I checked the scale on the plans and even though I asked him to print at 100%, he "scaled to fit" instead. I built the plane anyway. There were just a few customizations/modifications I had to make. I believe it is about 75% of the original size. The inside of the power pod is 1" square.

Here is my question. David said in the build video that the CD was along the spar in the wing. Would that still be true, even with the size reduction?

Second, is it better to error on the side of nose heavy as opposed to tail heavy?

Here is the plane, I left the skewer in for scale IMG_20140202_182751_367.jpg
I built an 80% size one and CG is in roughly the same place, ie on the spar

Also, err on the side of nose heavy