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FT Flyer troubles (stability and odd tendancies)


I have been flying my ft flyer for a couple weeks now and can not seem to fix a problem I am having. I would not describe it myself as being stable how Josh Scott described it in the ft delta video.

Here's the problem:

If I let the nose down any more than twenty or thirty degrees for longer than a second, it goes rather violently into an outside loop and ends up inverted, and gets stuck for a couple seconds until the dihedral rolls it back over. I have played it with the cg quite a bit and have it in a place where it flies horizontally without much input on the elevator. I read that the cg is right when you trim it level, then it can glide at 45 degrees without changing pitch, so I tried moving the cg back until it is essentially a helicopter, and up until that point, it has always had the problem. The only way to recover it to give it full up, but then it usually stalls a tad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking about putting on a kf2 to see if that will help to see if that might work.



Senior Member
Generally, you want to err on the side of being nose-heavy. A nose heavy plane will require extra up elevator to stay level, but will basically be controllable. A tail heavy plane tends to pitch wildly. It sounds like you may have pushed the CG back until it is right on the ragged edge. You've got an incredibly agile plane, but it may not be what you want.


creator of virtual planes
To me it sounds like your wings might be off. Or maybe your plane is just too heavy. The FT Flyer isn't the best plane in the world, but it's great for what it is. Just avoid the situation that causes the problem.