cheap and easy

  1. Matthewdupreez

    Cheap batteries!!!

    Hi guys I'm in a pickle....... So I can't afford proper rc plane batteries.... But I have access to 3.7 v 300mah, batteries they arent lithium iron I think they are lithium polymer. U can find them on aliexpress or banggood pls let me know how I could use them... For a simple FT Cub. Thanks Matthew
  2. F

    Help! RF modules and compatibility

    I'm currently building a plane and would like to invest on a decent transmitter so I've looked towards the Turnigy 9XR PRO that's available for a good price but only without the RF module. I've seen videos of people buying ones from china then doing firmware updates but I was wondering is there...
  3. N

    Whats the best and cheapest rc plane for me to start with

    Ok i have been watching ALOT of flight test and i really want to start flying. ( i already have a rc truck but i think flying will be something new) i saw some of the swapables and i was wondering if that would be a cheap easy and durable first flyer for me to start with
  4. B

    Return to RC with EPP version of Cheap N Easy

    I'm stuck flying my Cheap N Easy foam delta because it refuses to break! I wish I had foamies when I started RC 25 years ago. I would not have quit the hobby due to heart breaking crashes. It wasn't love but I really REALLY liked my Sig Kadet II and picking it up with a dustpan killed RC for...