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Return to RC with EPP version of Cheap N Easy

I'm stuck flying my Cheap N Easy foam delta because it refuses to break! I wish I had foamies when I started RC 25 years ago. I would not have quit the hobby due to heart breaking crashes. It wasn't love but I really REALLY liked my Sig Kadet II and picking it up with a dustpan killed RC for me. (A trainer cord error, flip to trainer TX and straight into the ground)

Seeing how much more affordable the hobby has gotten made get back into RC. I made the traditional CNE out of dollar store foam. Very nice but the nose took a terrible beating in my rusty hands. I remade it with EPP (13mm I think) and some carbon rod and bamboo sticks to stiffen things up. The EPP has out standing durability! I just run batteries thru this thing like nobody's business. I keep extra props and 1/8" slices of TheraBand for the propsaver handy and that's about it.

I might mod it for elevons instead of elevator/rudder. I don't have any roll authority when inverted as it is now.

Here is a little flying video.


There are plans in rcgroups if anyone is interested. I can offer some suggestions about EPP construction if anyone is interested.