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chuck gilder

  1. Scotto

    Plane EZ Dusty 2.3

    This is a fun little plane for all ages I think but it is a little harder to build than most EZ stuff if you do the skins. If you dont want the skins, the first 2 pages (A and B) are all the foam board part. So by just tiling 2 8.5x11 pages together you have everything to build it and you could...
  2. GrizWiz

    F-14 Chuck Glider

    I designed a F-14 chuck glider Materials: 2 brads Half sheet of foam board 1 hot glue stick 3 pennies place 2 pennies in the front right in front of the wing plane 1 penny in the back where it will fly straight place the two brads where it shows the x on the plans
  3. SavageX89

    Flying with the Boys

    One thing I love so much about this hobby, is that I can share it with my boys. The oldest is 3 and loves to look at the planes I have. He especially loves when I retire a foam board plane and he gets the carcass to toss around the yard as a glider. With that, I decided to build a couple chuck...
  4. bobalexander

    Micro Sparrow

    I had someone request the plans for a 25% Mini Sparrow for quick building. We build around 125 at a Maker Faire as make and take items - the kids loved them and they make great little chuck gliders. I did a STEM class where they experimented with the effect of changing the CG, removing paper...
  5. S

    Chuck glider!

    Hi! I'm new here. I watched some FT videos, and I said I want to build my own one. Because I haven't a lot of money (I"m under 18) I decided to build chuck glider. Which of FT planes (or planes published in articles) will be the best option?