F-14 Chuck Glider


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I designed a F-14 chuck glider

2 brads
Half sheet of foam board
1 hot glue stick
3 pennies

place 2 pennies in the front right in front of the wing

plane 1 penny in the back where it will fly straight

place the two brads where it shows the x on the plans


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I know this post is 2 years old so you probably wont see this but i am trying to put this model together and i am not sure where to put the part that looks similar to the wings but doesnt have the x on it, i cant find anywhere for them to fit on the plane, if you could maybe make a tutorial video on how to put this model together that would be great. that aside i love this model.


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Just line up the wings to the fuselage as best as you can. I don't have a model built still so I cannot show pictures.


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They are another set of wings it you don't want the wings to be able to change the angle of them.