Flying with the Boys


One thing I love so much about this hobby, is that I can share it with my boys. The oldest is 3 and loves to look at the planes I have. He especially loves when I retire a foam board plane and he gets the carcass to toss around the yard as a glider. With that, I decided to build a couple chuck gliders with them yesterday while my wife took a well deserved nap.
I went to and downloaded the plans for his chuckstang and chuckcat. scaled them down to 65% to speed up cutting time and easier for little hands. Once I had cut out all the parts, I took them to my boys and sat them down to "help" me assemble them.After 5 very impatient minutes, the planes were ready and the boys went nuts! They loved being able to toss around airplanes that actually flew for several feet. We eventually took them outside to get some better flights. I look forward to purchasing the EZ Basics Bundle so I can get them behind the controls of some simple rc planes too. One day, they will help me build bigger and better planes!


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