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Pumpkin drop event


  1. Mid7night

    Plane XF YELLOW JACKET! v4

    Here it is, in all its slender sleekness: The Yellow Jacket! Designed as a successor to the "Angry Bee" and "Turbo Bee" experiments, in the vein of the FT Super Bee: It's a twin-motor ROCKETSHIP! This is the basic power setup, and you can choose to fly on anything from a 3S to 6S, depending...
  2. bgfireguy92

    FTCC Official Build Nites!

    Hey Guys. So I wanted to to bring information to you for the FTCC community build nites. This build nite is actually going to be community-based and community-oriented. It’s by the community for the community if that makes sense. What the format is going to be is once or twice a month...
  3. J

    FT Community App

    Hello All, I've been working on various iOS projects and while flying my quadcopter I got to thinking it would be nice to fly with others. I have an idea where the app could be used (based on if people allow there location to be used) to allow people to specify when and where they are flying...
  4. E

    Multirotor Student Group needs your help

    Hello everyone. I am a new member here and enthusiast of the multirotor and FPV communities. A student at the University of Michigan and soon to be founder(Fall 2015 group registration pending) of the University of Michigan Multirotor Group. As this hobby is fairly expensive for newcomers, I...
  5. jhitesma

    Flite Test fans are amazing

    This is not news to me and I know it's been said before, but I feel compelled to say it again. Flite Test fans are amazing. The spirit of kindness, help and generosity that permeates this community is remarkable and will never cease to amaze me. Whether it's due to the type of fans FT...
  6. RedTwenty

    Red20RC - New Australian website for building, flying and crashing!

    G'day :D I couldn't think of anywhere else in the forum to put this so I put it here (as it is sort of a service - albeit a free one). We've just launched a new website for building, flying and crashing FT style models and other electrics and gliders. We're interested in sharing stories, wins...
  7. M

    Fans of Flite Test

    Are you a fan of Flite Test and want to meet other fans? Connect with fans of the show at My RC Hobby Zone. Amazing social connections, all your favorite flite test videos, photos, blogs and a community of RC hobbyist just like you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Connect today using...