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Hey Guys. So I wanted to to bring information to you for the FTCC community build nites. This build nite is actually going to be community-based and community-oriented. It’s by the community for the community if that makes sense. What the format is going to be is once or twice a month we're actually going to stream live via the FTCC Google Hangouts page and our YouTube page simultaneously. The build nite will feature a builder with a panel commentary of two guests. The very first one we'll actually be doing a flite test based plane, but in the future we're actually going to be bringing you as the community in, and featuring those unique designs that us as the community are generating. The community is also going to be asked to participate during these build nites by participating in our live Q&A session. The very first build nite is scheduled for March 12th at 8 Eastern 7 Central with links to the Google events page, the YouTube page and our facebook below. For the actual build, we have put up a poll and are asking you the community to decide what plane that we will build. You can find this poll on the FTCC Facebook page. If you scroll down you will find the event with the poll included. Also on the Google Events page you will find a short trailer that will hopefull answer any questions you have. We really hope you can join us and more importantly hoping that you will participate in it to make this a great thing, since It is going to be driven by you, the community. Thank you for everything hope to see you soon. - Ben. G

Google events page with trailer:

FTCC YouTube Page

FTCC Facebook:

FTCC Facebook Build Nite Event Page:

Any questions comments or concerns please feel free to contact me here, on facebook (Benjamin Greenawalt), or via email at bgfireguy92@gmail.com. Thanks!