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Recently, I have been a fan of the video game, Destiny 2 even though I have never played Destiny 1 before. Of course, I am an advocate of aeronautics and RC Airplanes as well.

When doing some research about what Destiny 1 was like a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the seasonal event, "Sparrow Racing League".

Destiny 1 - Sparrow Racing League.png

With my findings of Sparrow Racing League and knowing that FliteTest released plans for an airplane called, "FT Mini Sparrow" in the past, I wanted to make a skin for it.

Given that the colors of Sparrow Racing League already look so good on their own, I thought that such a skin would look great on the FT Mini Sparrow.

Destiny 1 - Sparrow Racing League Logo.png

This is how the task of making this beautiful skin begun. It took me about two afternoons to complete it.

Behold, I present to you the Destiny Sparrow Racing League Skin!

Destiny Sparrow Racing League Skin.png

The instructions for building this airplane from the Destiny Sparrow Racing League Skin are the same as the FT Mini Arrow - Toyota A90 Skin in the link shown below.

FT Mini Arrow - Toyota A90 Skin

I must also reference the original FT Mini Sparrow Build Video. You may choose to cast this build video to your TV.

I really hope you will enjoy a new look for your next FT Mini Sparrow build.

Please let me know your thoughts and do share photos of your completed plane.


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