1. Dr. Looping Looie

    2022 The Hangar RC Community Build-Off

    A few weeks ago, four RC enthusiasts had the idea of organizing a community build contest. Thanks to Sam from The Hangar RC, the winners will recieve a laser cut kit of their design! We would love to see YOU joining this epic contest! You like to build airplanes and always dreamed about...
  2. cdfigueredo

    FTFC20 Biloute designed by HardWork

    Last month I started the construction of this great model in this thread "A new attempt to start right.". I will try to keep the thread as clean as possible. ;) I've decided to build a real trainer model, specifically the Biloute, a model from this French page.
  3. Snarls

    Endurance Quadcopter Build-Off

    This is going to be a fun one. For once, I am not dealing with maximizing acrobatic performance, speed, or camera stability. No, this time it is just that: time. Flight time specifically. My friend challenged me to a build off. Who can get the longest flight time from two 18650b batteries...
  4. AkimboGlueGuns

    Big Bipe Aerobatics Showdown - 2015 Edition

    Howdy folks. When summer rolls in and the weather gets nice (as it is now) it's the perfect time to hone your flying skills. This also means it's prime time for a contest as the younger members of FT are out of school and nights are long enough to get flights in if you work during the day. This...
  5. Rasterize

    Help Me Win an FPV Racing Quad! I just need your vote!

    Hi everyone! I would like to please ask a favor of you. I entered an art contest on RCGroups (yes, that "other" RC forum) to win an FPV racing quad. However it's based on members voting and I have fewer friends over there than here on the Flite Test forums. What can I say, I just spend most of...
  6. G

    FPV Help

    Hi everyone. I have an opportunity to win a GoPro with a Facebook challenge. I would really like to win as it seems that the GoPro FPV system works pretty well. The flitetest fan page on Facebook put us in the winning spot, but we have been far outpaced recently. All it takes is to go like my...
  7. Arend

    Suggestion: 24 Hour Experimental Build Challenge

    Hi, this might be a little tangential, but I enjoy a lot THAC which is the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest. The idea is simple: you animate something for 24 hours and post your video online. Similarly to this I was wondering if we could do something like this on flitetest. We try to find a...
  8. C

    Multicopter canopy contest

    When I go fly in the park kids are most impressed by how a model looks. If after flying a tri, quad or hex I come back with a finished canopy on the same model I was just flying all the kids think it will perform better just based on looks. We see lots of different frames on the net, but not...
  9. ExAir

    Foamboard Scratchbuilding Contest: "Snowbird" $150 prize

    If it snows where you live and you like scratchbuilding foamies then this is for you. Have a look, enter a plane if you can, but at least stay tuned for some good snow plane ideas and interesting adventures. Experimental Airlines