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Foamboard Scratchbuilding Contest: "Snowbird" $150 prize


Junior Member
If it snows where you live and you like scratchbuilding foamies then this is for you. Have a look, enter a plane if you can, but at least stay tuned for some good snow plane ideas and interesting adventures.

Experimental Airlines



Old age member
Fun to see a contest for snow from a guy in Arizona ;-)
I am flying every weekend in snow but i found out that foam is a lot more brittle in the cold than balsa is.
My suggestion is to build the skiis from balsa - make them big and wide to cope with powder snow.
Make em from Coroplast. Waterproof from the get go. Not that brittle even into the negative temps. Free supply at the local gas station.
the 3 take offs and landings, just wondering if that has to be in one continuous video shot? i'm new to flying and scratch building and i am pretty certain i wont get 3 and 3 in the one shot.